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Title: 'Indoctrination' 2015 


Size: 146cm by 84cm 


Medium: A mixed media painting on a world map


This a painting based on a particular world map. That map is from a board-game I played as a child, exploring the 'magic' of the second world war stripped of context and violence. 'Indoctrination' is an attempt to realize the relationship between childhood innocence and the cynical adult, by questioning the values that would frame warfare in such a way. This work is part of a larger philosophical analysis of the values of modern western society, I challenge the notion that a war that involved the deaths of millions should be re-contextualized and packaged in 'user-friendly' fashion and subsequently marketed at the most impressionable of us. Nurture, Nature the idea of indoctrination is to impart beliefs on others who lack discernment and are incapable of questioning there validity.

Title: 'Self Reflection' 2013


Size: 114cm by 210cm 


Medium: A mixed media painting on mdf


In an attempt to explore my own unconscious mind I spent long periods of time meditating, reflecting sometimes while painting. This painting was first formed as an installation for my degree show. I wanted to merge surreal elements in three dimensions with a purely abstract painting. The idea of this was to generate an all encompassing viewer experience relating back to the unconscious. Self Reflection was my attempt to 'blur' the lines between perception and reality by merging elements of the physical world with the realization of purely abstract imagination.

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