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Associated Artists



These are artists I have worked on projects with over the years. 


They are all high quality artists and talented people.

Jordan Fradley


Latitude/ Longitude



The photographs are part of an ongoing series of low light night photography of rural and urban landscapes which started in autumn 2011.


The night is a fantastic tool - it strips everything recognisable away and if it reveals details, it is only partial. You feel like an intruder who sneaks into a forbidden sanctuary and dares to capture a glimpse of what is hidden there. This is essentially what I do - I capture a glimpse of a large unknown world which is so familiar during the daytime.

Lindsey Piper



has a fascination with nature. Her work takes her on explorations into the world of microscopic cells through to the plant and animal kingdoms.

With her roots firmly planted in textiles, her work has evolved into 3D using recycled and found materials and a variety of techniques picked up along the way. Lindsey is as comfortable using a sewing needle to make detail on a batik piece as wielding her cordless screwdriver to create a Sketch in Tyres. After a debilitating shoulder problem was rectified with an operation she is working hard to becoming a recognised Artist.


Mark Sheeky


True Renaissance Man


Hello, my name is Mark Sheeky and I am a professional artist. Being an artist is about using your imagination and skill to create value from nothing, it's a form of magic.I hope you find something inspiring or an art work to love. Most of my work is for sale, from original oil paintings, to prints, to music albums, to games for Windows PC to published books.



Adam Fenton


Victorian Landscape Painter

I describe myself unapologetically as a traditional English landscape painter. For me, painting is a performance. I don't just want to make pretty pictures but incorporate all the splendour and bravado of the traditional landscape painter himself who makes these pretty pictures to hang on pretty walls.


BA Fine Art & History of Art, Goldsmiths, 2013


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