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The Absurdity of Sex and the Unconscious Mind

Analyzing myself through my own sexual attraction to others. Attempting to ascertain the difference between human, social and animal attraction...hopefully identified the absurdity of 'hardwired' but no longer relevant attractions.


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Reading List

  • Man and His Symbols (1964) Karl Jung

  • Psychology of the Unconscious: A Study of the Transformations, and Symbolisms of the Libido, a Contribution to the History of the Evolution of Thought (1916) {C.G.}Karl Jung - reccomended by Mark Sheeky

  • The Third Eye (1956) Lobsang Rampa - reccomended by Bryn Sutcliffe

  • Edgar Allan Poen "Fixed Stars" -Poem reccomended by Lindsey Piper

  • Codex Seraphinianus (1981) Luigi Serafini, reccomended by Lindsey Piper

Artist's List

  • Austin Osman Spare

  • EstherTeichmann,reccomended by Ellie Watson 

  • Philipp Dorl, reccomended by Ellie Watson 

  • Diane Arbus, reccomended by Yvonne Jordan Fradley

  • Egon Schiele, reccomended by Yvonne Jordan Fradley

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